Beware of Leaf Filter Gutter Protection!

Beware of LeafFilter

NJ ArchitectI am a licensed architect in the State of New Jersey. I recently purchased a new home in Lebanon, New Jersey. My new house was a church, so the gutters are high up. It appeared that they were clogged with leaves, so I decided to hire Leaf Filter Gutter Protection to install their product. The unbelievable story of lies, deceit, morally corrupt behavior and lack of any empathy follows:

  • May 2019, I met with John Litterini to get a proposal to install Leaf Filter on my residence at 5 Water Street, Lebanon, NJ
  • May 2019, I signed the proposal and paid $3,537.00 for the project
  • May 2019, A week later, I was told that the Leaf Filter had been installed while I was at work
  • August 15, 2019, my house painter, while on his 60’ boom lift, notifies me that there are no leaf filters on my gutters
  • August 15, 2019, I call John Litterini, who acts surprised. He says he will have someone contact me immediately to get this resolved. I get a call from a gentleman, whose cell number is 732-693-1264, and whose name I did not catch, who promises to have someone at my house the next day (a Friday). Nothing happens. I call again and then he schedules an appointment for a manager to meet my painter on Monday, August 19. No one shows up. I call and text this person and John Litterini and neither responds
  • I then call Leaf Filter’s corporate office and Steve Andorko calls me back. I explain the story and am promised that Mr. Andorko will come out to look. He does and explains that my gutters will not permit the installation of Leaf Filter and offers to, at no charge to me, replace my gutters and install Leaf Filter
  • Andorko schedules the replacement of my gutters for Friday, August 30.  At 11:09 AM on the 30th, he texts me that the gutter crew is “heading to your house shortly.” No one comes. I text Mr. Andorko at 1:01, 2:38 and 4:25. He never responds
  • My painter calls and leaves Mr. Andorko messages. He finally responds on Tuesday, September 3. He acts surprised that no one came on Friday and promises that the crew will be there on Wednesday morning. They arrive after 2:00 on Wednesday. They ask my painter if they can use the boom. He says “no” and says he is heading to the hardware store and will be back in 30 minutes. When he comes back, the gutter crew is driving the boom back and forth across the neighboring cemetery, doing damage to it. Note that the boom weighs over 21,000 pounds. My painter orders the crew off the boom. He photographs the damage to the cemetery and the gutter crew gets back to work on their ladders. They finish one side of my home
  • My painter calls Mr. Andorko and Mr. Andorko says the damage is not his responsibility and that I should call the manager of the install crew, Leo Cunha, who it turns out is the Regional Manager for Leaf Filter in North New Jersey. I tell my painter to tell Mr. Andorko that it is his responsibility to resolve this with Mr. Cunha. My painter calls Mr. Cunha who has the audacity to lie and tell my painter that I texted him permission to use the boom.  At this point, I have never spoken to or texted Mr. Cunha. My painter asks when the crew is coming back. Mr. Cunha doesn’t give him an answer
  • The crew comes back and finishes the work a few days later
  • I email Mr. Andorko with the invoice from the landscaper that has repaired the damage to the cemetery. The cost of this work was $1,209.13
  • I hear nothing and email Mr. Andorko a few days later. He responds that he has sent the invoice to Mr. Cunha. I email Mr. Cunha with the outline of what has transpired on the project. I am feeling uneasy as Mr. Cunha has already lied. I get no response
  • I email again a few days later threatening legal action and I get a response from Mr. Cunha that my painter told his crew that he, my painter, had also taken the boom across the cemetery, gotten stuck and had the boom towed out. Mr. Cunha was implying that some of the damage to the cemetery was not his responsibility. I responded that this was true but that it happened two months earlier and I had already had my landscaper fix that damage and had already paid for it. Mr. Cunha also said his crew informed him that there were additional tracks on my yard from the boom. This was also correct, and I inform him that I had recently paid my landscaper to repair those as well. Cunha asked that I call him which I did on Friday, September 20. I left him a message to call me back. He never responded
  • On Monday morning, September 23, I call Leaf Filter’s corporate number and speak to Bobbie in the service department. I tell her the full story and ask that a supervisor call me. She puts me on hold and comes back a few minutes later to tell me that all the managers are busy setting up their crews for the day and that one will call me back that day. I tell her it cannot be Mr. Cunha. She says she will contact someone else. No one calls me
  • On Wednesday morning, September 25, I again call Leaf Filter’s corporate number and this time speak to Ciearra. I email her this outline, which she reads while I remain on the phone. She promises that she will review it with her supervisor and have someone call me that day. No one calls
  • On Thursday morning, September 26, I again call and leave Ciearra a message and email her saying I didn’t receive a call. No one calls
  • Leaf Filter corporate never responds. Mr. Cunha never responds
  • I hire an attorney to speak with Mr. Cunha. In the conversations with my attorney, Mr. Cunha offers to pay half of what is owed. I agree to save time and money. Mr. Cunha promises the check in a week, which is early October. It is now mid-November and still no check. All calls and emails to Mr. Cunha continue to be ignored, including those from my attorney
  • On November 7, I file in Hunterdon County Small Claim’s Court for the $1,209.13 plus $600 in attorney costs. I email a copy of the complaint to Mr. Cunha and Mr. Andorko. I get no response
  • On November 8, I build this website and go live. Within minutes I get a threatening email from Mr. Cunha. I am told that I must take down this site or they will sue me. He states that the offer for $600 still stands and that he has been at a wedding (must have been a hell of a wedding to last a month) but that now I have also have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that I can not tell my story going forward. I agree with the understanding that I receive the NDA in a week. I then take down this site
  • A week passes and I hear nothing. I email Mr. Cunha on November 18 asking about the NDA. He states that it is out of his hands and in their legal department (LeafFilter’s MO is to always pass the buck). I wait until Friday, November 22 and discuss the situation with my attorney. He suggests that I reinstate my suit in Small Claims Court and that I put the website back up. He tells me to email this information to Mr. Cunha telling him that this time these stay in place until I receive the $600. I email Mr. Cunha and receive no response
  • It is Saturday, November 23 and the site is going live again